RIGHTCARE Senior Ministry



Southwinds Baptist Church is excited to bring a meaningful and necessary resource to seniors through our RightCare Senior Ministry. This community-based ministry program is provided at no cost and helps our seniors, along with their adult children, understand and navigate the significant challenges that can come with aging.  
Some of the challenges that Southwinds RightCare Senior Ministry can assist with:
  • Medical Condition Management – Managing 7 key areas to maintain optimal health
  • Safety – Identifying and resolving risks to help you successfully navigate your environment  
  • Independence – Getting your needs met safely and consistently in 13 key areas
  • Burden of Care – Making your long-term caregiving situations sustainable and manageable
  • Quality of Life – Expanding meaningful daily activities to enhance the fullness of your life
  • Aging in Place – Achieving successful living in the environment of one’s choice

Do you know someone who could benefit from this Ministry? Perhaps yourself? Your Mom or Dad? Maybe, a relative or close friend?

The RightCare Senior Ministry Program has received national recognition from the healthcare industry, fire departments/EMS services, and faith-based communities for setting new standards of success for seniors.

If you have concerns for a loved one in the areas of Medical Condition Management, Safety, Independence, Burden of Care, Quality of Life, or Aging in Place, our RightCare Ministry Team is here to help.
You deserve the RIGHTCARE!
If you would like to be involved in Southwinds Baptist Church RightCare Senior Ministry, please contact Dawna Dyson. 
For more information please contact Dawna Dyson at 281-381-0432 or Email